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01 Feb 2024

Putting the Power of Positive Psychology Into the Workplace

Putting the Power of Positive Psychology Into the Workplace

Written by Michelle Falzon and our PR agency.

There’s good reason for organisations to address psychosocial hazards in the workplace and to prioritise the wellbeing of workers. According to a study by the University of Oxford, happy employees are up to 13% more productive, making their companies more successful. “Happy employees are more engaged with their work, and more creative and motivated,” says Michelle Falzon, Founder of Positive Wellbeing Education, a Positive Psychology Coach and the MC for the upcoming Workplace Health and Safety Show, taking place in Sydney from 20 to 21 September 2023.

She explains: “Adopting positive psychology in the workplace can have a significant impact on employee happiness, as it is demonstrated to create a positive work environment, improve employee wellbeing and productivity, and foster a culture of engagement and creativity.”  To help Australian employers explore sustainable positive psychology and the coaching techniques that can be implemented in their organisations, Michelle will be presenting a workshop on 20 September 2023, as part of the Workplace Health and Safety Show’s Knowledge Centre program.

Positive Psychology explained

Positive psychology has gained a lot of attention in recent years, because it focuses on the study of human strengths and potential, positive emotions, and wellbeing – all of which are integral to thriving workplaces. As Michelle elaborates, “Besides promoting better mental health among employees, the adoption of positive psychology in the workplace is good for the business’ bottom line. Gallup’s Q12 meta-analysis reveals that companies with more engaged employees experience 81% lower absenteeism, 43% lower staff turnover and achieve 23% higher profitability.”

Small actions that lead to positive change 

Michelle highlights some simple ways that positive psychology can be applied in organisations, with great effect:

1.      Helping employees identify and develop their strengths: This leads to an increased sense of competence and confidence, greater job satisfaction and better performance. In turn, this fosters greater engagement and productivity.

2.      Cultivating resilience: This enables employees to better manage challenges and stress, leading to greater wellbeing and productivity.

3.      Providing meaningful work: Providing employees with work that is challenging, rewarding and aligned with their values can increase their sense of purpose and motivation.

4.      Building positive relationships: Positive psychology recognises the importance of social connections in promoting wellbeing. Encouraging positive interactions among employees and creating a sense of community, through team-building activities or social events, can lead to increased job satisfaction, better communication and improved teamwork.

5.      Gratitude and appreciation: This is a key component of positive psychology.  Organisations can foster this by encouraging employees to recognise and thank each other for their contributions, and by showing appreciation for a job well done.

6.      Positive feedback: Giving positive feedback can have a powerful impact on employee motivation and engagement. “Positive psychology emphasizes the importance of providing constructive feedback in a supportive, non-judgmental way,” reiterates Michelle.

7.      Mindfulness: This is a practice that involves being fully present and aware of the moment. It has been shown to reduce stress and improve wellbeing. Organisations can encourage mindfulness practices such as meditation or yoga to help employees manage stress and improve focus.

Learn more about the Workplace Health and Safety Show

The Workplace Health & Safety Show is Australia's largest free-to-attend exhibition and conference dedicated to health and safety. Packed full of exhibits, live demos, seminars, workshops, networking - and attended by thousands of health and safety professionals - this all-encompassing event provides the knowledge, tools, resources and connections you need to strengthen your safety culture and improve performance and engagement.

Supported by the Australian Institute of Health & Safety, the event attracts thousands of professionals responsible for occupational health and safety and workforce wellbeing at Australia’s largest companies and worksites, including safety, health and environmental buyers and end-users to safety resellers and retailers, senior executives and HSE professionals, people and culture professionals, contractors as well as safety managers and supervisors.

When and where:

  • Wednesday 22 – Thursday 23 May 2024 Melbourne, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Wednesday 23 - Thursday 24 October 2024, Sydney Showground, Olympic Park

Interested professionals can view the Workplace Health and Safety Show program and complete their free registration here.

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