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Ranjeeta Singh

Ranjeeta Singh

Founder, EnableOrg®

Dr Ranjeeta Singh is founder of EnableOrg®.com- the only Harm Prevention and AI powered Psychosocial, Culture & Leadership Software. Leading Experts in WHS Psychosocial Risk & Compliance, Mental Health, Healthy Culture & Benchmark Leadership™ development. The gap between business-as-usual and future-proof is EnableOrg®.

Ranjeeta is also a H&S Lead Auditor and worked for the inventors of the ISO Standards, and is an executive coach. Her PhD focused on Psychosocial risks, culture, resilience & leadership. She has worked with clients globally, to not just to implement, but also understand, how to achieve sustainable, psychosocial risk management and healthy culture for HARM PREVENTION. And how to establish healthy workplaces with EnableOrg®’s Benchmark Leadership™ SaaS. She recently presented as an Expert Speaker at the recent World Health & Safety Congress, on Healthy Culture, where EnableOrg® was also Showcased as an Innovator in H&S Psychosocial Safety, for Harm Prevention.



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