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Mark Alston

Mark Alston

Founder and Director, Investigations Differently

Mark Alston, Founder and Director of Investigations Differently, with over two decades of experience, has established himself as an innovative leader in investigations and risk management. He is known for his progressive approach, leveraging modern safety concepts to assist organisations in reducing risk.

Mark’s engaging speaking style, combining extensive industry knowledge with groundbreaking concepts, has made him a sought-after figure in investigations and risk management discussions. With a strong operational background, his mission is to encourage organisations to adopt proactive data-driven processes, challenge conventional paradigms, and embrace a more adaptable and resilient approach.

Mark's extensive expertise spans global organisations in the mining, construction, government, defence, health, and utilities industries. It includes clients such as the Royal Australian Air Force, Mitchell Services, the office of Industrial relations, ABB, Perenti, Airservices Australia, New Zealand corrections and Linfox.

Mark is a popular keynote speaker, having presented at various conferences, including the National Safety Conference, the 14th World Conference on Injury prevention Safety promotion, the QLD Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference, and numerous AHS events. Mark regularly presents to organisations' leadership and health and safety teams.



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