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Georgina Poole

Georgina Poole

Author and "Leading Safely" Podcast Host, ICAM Australia

With over 15 years of experience in health and safety across various industries, Georgina is a Senior Trainer and Investigator at ICAM Australia, a leading provider of incident investigation and safety improvement solutions. She is a WHS specialist with a Bachelor of Business in OHS and HR, a Graduate Certificate in Safety Leadership, and multiple advanced diplomas and certifications in relevant fields. Georgina partners with organisations to improve their health and safety culture and performance, by building and implementing effective management systems and processes, conducting audits and gap analyses, facilitating risk assessments and incident investigations, and delivering training and coaching programs. She is passionate about human and organisational performance (HOP) and advocates for a holistic and proactive approach to safety that fosters engagement, wellbeing, and continuous improvement. She is also a podcast host, keynote speaker, and mentor who shares her insights and expertise with diverse audiences and aspiring professionals around the world.



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