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We have been made aware that some of our exhibitors and sponsors are being targeted by a number of different companies claiming to work with or, indeed, be us. They are offering either attendee/exhibitor lists for the event, event directory services or alleged hotel services.

Some examples of companies we know about include:

  • A person called Nancy Smith from Mevrick Global Solution
  • A person called Gloria Evans from attendees tradelist
  • An organisation claiming to be a US company called Professionals data
  • An organisation called that is circulating an email claiming that our events are cancel due to COVID-19, and then offering to sell our database
  • A so-called company (without contact details) called
  • An imaginary person called
  • A person called Nora Adams who works for a company called Eventivus offering to sell our database
  • A person called Dylan Adkins from a company called Expo Flare offering to sell our Melbourne attendee database
  • A company called Evetiz sending emails from the following domain 
  • A person called Mila Evans from a company called Idencis offering to sell our "virtual attendee database"
  • A person called Alex Ackmann from B2Bcloudtechmarketing Inc offering to sell our virtual attendee database at a discounted price
  • A person called Erica Dakay from Global Pro Leads  offering to sell our "virtual attendee database"
  • A person called Daisy Johannes from Expo Leads offering to sell our 2024 attendee database
  • A person called Craig Helgerson using a gmail address from Data Services- Email Appending
  • A person called Amanda Deveau ( Marketing Manager or Events & Tradeshow Specialist at Attendees Vendor 

We suspect there may be others also involved in this type of scam.

None of these companies are affiliated with us. Most don’t even include real contact details.

Unfortunately, this is quite a common scam within the exhibition industry, where the organiser publishes an exhibitor list on its website and event app. We would like to reassure all our clients that we NEVER sell or share our attendee data. Therefore, anyone claiming to be in possession of our attendee lists or be acting as our agent to sell our data is a complete fraud i.e. this is a scam. The only way for exhibitors to collect attendee contact information is by scanning attendees' badges at your stand using a lead scanner. 

We have received copies of some of the emails they are sending and are investigating the organisations involved, but if you have any further information or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We have even purchased one of these so-called databases to ascertain whether there was any truth in their claim (and as a bit of a joke!). However, as expected, the data we received was completely fabricated.

If you’re ever unsure if a potential supplier is trustworthy, please remember to check our preferred contractor's list within our Exhibitor portal.

If you're still not sure, please give us a call, we are always here to talk these things through and help find solutions where we can. Tel +61 7 5510 5100  or


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