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Ai - Friend or Foe? What does the future of safety look like. And where does psychosocial harm prevention REALLY comes from

23 May 2024
Spotlight Stage
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT , Compliance & Legislation , Innovation Hub , Leadership , Mental Health & Psychosocial Safety

As Ai becomes the next inevitable commonplace tech to integrate into every industry, we look at the what, why and how. What exactly is Ai? Is it a friend or foe? How it can be harnessed for exponential in-house upskilling and safety of your employees. And elevate just about every other aspect of the workplace. And what THE critical caveat is to getting this right.

Come see how this powerful tool, when used correctly, can elevate your workplace. To optimise implementation well beyond writing policies and doing surveys. What exactly is harm prevention vs harm reaction in psychosocial risks. And common compliance mistakes for psychosocial risk management most miss the mark on. 

Learn how EnableOrg® has harnessed the power of Ai to bring the future into the here and now. For psychosocial harm prevention Compliance. For a Healthy Culture. And for Benchmark Leadership development. Leading experts, once again at the forefront of innovation. 

In this not-to-be missed session, Dr Ranjeeta Singh will share her expertise-based experience and knowledge to talk about the common pitfalls so many make in meeting legal requirements for Psychosocial Risk Management. And what the evidence-based requirements for a sustainable Healthy Culture are.

Walk away with a clear understanding on what harm prevention really is, how to harness the power of Ai for true elevation like never before, and the misunderstood legal requirements for psychosocial risk management so many make.

Ranjeeta Singh, Founder - EnableOrg®


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